Mobile Robotics Systems


Autonomous mobile robots (AMR)

Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) play a crucial role in transforming manufacturing and logistics processes, significantly increasing the flexibility of production areas.

AMRs, the perfect solution to increase efficiency and productivity in various industries, minimizing health and safety risks in warehouses and factories.

A valuable complement to modern manufacturing and logistics processes.

Officially Omron systems integrator, one of the world's leading AMR manufacturers, Muller implements its premium products with best-in-class fleet manager.

Combined with Muller's extensive experience in Industrial automation, this makes us one of the most reliable players on the market.

Mobile Manipulator (MoMa)

The MoMa is a versatile solution that automates not only transportation of goods but also complex operations such as picking items from shelves, assembling components, or handling delicate objects. It combines the best of both worlds: the flexibility of mobile robot (AMR), and the precision of collaborative robot (Cobot).

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